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Who we are 

should reflect what we do

Proverbs 22:7

The rich rule over the poor, 
and the borrower is slave 
to the lender. 
Is Your Cash flowing in the Wrong Direction?

Why continue to Buy Bitcoin, 
or other crypto-currencies 
and worry if it looses value,
when you can earn Bitcoin Daily
or even Hourly 
by helping others?

Any wealth advisor will advise you

We really don't know what will be
the mainstream currency 
accepted around the world.

However, more people have heard 
of bitcoin than any other cryptocurrency

That's why 

is an excellent feeder program
to introduce people to networking, 
and cryptocurrency

because the once only lifetime gift, 
with no product to sell.
It is the only expense to get started.
It will also compliment 
any other business 
you may be involved with 
and not compete with it.


  • You are the only person who can sack you.
  • If you are not networking
  • you may soon be not working.
  • No risk
  • It's the start that stops most people. 
  • Your initial small lifetime gift to get your
  • referral link is gifted back to you,
  • when you teach 2 people how to
  • teach 2 people to get started. 
  • All the upgrades are automatically
  • done out of profits,
  • no further expense to you. 
  • No autoship to be eligible for bonuses.
  • No limit to your income,
  • or personal referrals
  • No monthly website fees.
  • No delivering products.
  • No waiting to be paid.
  • No more excuses.

If you already have a Web wallet 
with 0.0024 bitcoin to cover fees, 
to gift 0.002bitcoin once only lifetime 
 manual gift to a fellow member.

We suggest you use your first name "S"
then SOSteam as your user name.

Make sure you check 
 your sponsor is,
when you enter your user name 
 your back office will not 
tell you who your sponsor is, 
until after you upgrade.

Unless you upgrade and send 0.002 
bitcoin to
 the code it tells you, 
your sponsor won't even know 
you have registered.

If you don't have a web wallet 
select one first to 
purchase and receive bitcoin 
with your referral link.
Then you can receive bitcoin
and make your once only 
manual lifetime gift.

When you send to the code it tells you,
you will receive your own referral link,
which can be linked to this page for you
 to promote with links to join under you.

if you want a copy of this page 
linked to your own unique link
It will tell the person straight away who their sponsor is.

Alan also has another domain name to help 
change people's thinking 
away from 
employee poor dad mentality 
to rich dad thinking 
and to 
introduce them to networking 
as a profession.

Catch the Vision

This can't be a Ponzie scheme, 
where the company only pays 
the ones who get in early
and there is nothing left 
to pay late arrivals. 
The owner of the FREE website 
we use to pay members directly,
earns the same way as we do.

We simply continue to 
introduce new members 
who make a once only lifetime gift 
to a fellow member, 
all the rest of the upgrades 
are done out of profit.

We invite you to continue 
to provide leadership
by continuing to 
introduce new members,
even though their initial gift 
may be
 to someone else.

Catch the Vision

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