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The Best thing 
we can do 
with failures 
of the past 
is let them be history 
and not mess up 
every new day 
with yesterday!

If you have failed before
that's good because..... 

"What we have at the moment
is what we have attracted
by the person we have become"

That's why
Personal Development
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build your own

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A Rich person 
can feed more people 

than a poor person can.
  The rich rule over the poor, 
and the borrower is slave 
to the lender.
Is Your Cash flowing in the Wrong Direction?

Do you want to spend
the rest of your life, 

and have your children, 
working to pay 
the increasing
Government debt?

Until we learn
 how $ works, 
we can only work for it, 
but when we learn
we can put
the $ to work for us.

The two certainties in life
are Death and taxes

The World's
Financial Situation
is not getting any better!

God has chosen you to make you a blessing to others 
For the Lord thy God
blesseth you, 

as he promised you: 
and you shalt lend 
unto many nations, 

but you shall 
not borrow; 

and thou shalt reign
over many nations, 

but they shall
not reign over you.

1 Thessalonians 4:11
 and to make it
your ambition 

to lead a quiet life:  
You should 
mind your 

and work with 

just as we told you.

You have our
to copy 
any of
this capture page,
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Success is not 
what you have

But Who You have

because through
Christ Jesus
the law of the Spirit 

who gives life 
has set you free
from the law of sin
 and death.

Matthew 6:20-22 Amplified Bible,
Classic Edition (AMPC)

20 But gather and heap
up and store
for yourselves
treasures in heaven,
where neither moth
nor rust nor worm
consume and destroy,
and where thieves do
not break t

21 For where
your treasure is,
there will your heart
be also.

22 The eye is
the lamp of the body.
So if your eye is sound,
your entire body
will be full of light.

John 8:36 [Full Chapter]
So if the Son
sets you free

you will be free 
  25 And a certain lawyer 
[an expert in Mosaic Law] 
stood up to test Him,

“Teacher, what must I do 
to inherit eternal life?”

26 Jesus said to him, 
"What is written in the Law? 
How do you read it?

27 And he replied, 
"You shall love the Lord
your God

with all your heart, 
and with all your soul, 
and with all your strength, 
and with all your mind;
and your neighbor 
as yourself."

28 Jesus said to him, 
"You have answered correctly; 
do this habitually 
and you will live.

29 But he, wishing to justify 
and vindicate himself, 
asked Jesus,

"And who is my neighbor?" 

30 Jesus replied, 
"A certain man was going down 
from Jerusalem to Jericho,
and he encounted robbers, 
who stripped him of his clothes 
[and belongings], beat him, 
and went on their way 
leaving him half dead. 

31 Now by coincidence a priest 
was going down that road, 
and when he saw him, 
he passed by 
on the other side. 

32 Likewise a Levite
also came down

to the place and saw him, 
and passed by 
on the other side 

[of the road]. 

33 But a Smaraitan 

who was traveling, 
came upon him; 
and when he saw him, 
he was deeply moved 
with compassion

[for him], 
34 and went to him 
and bandaged up his wounds, 
pouring oil and wine on them 
[to sooth and disinfect
the injuries]; 

and he put him on his 
own pack-animal, 
and brought him to an inn 
and took care of him. 

35 On the next day he took out 
two denari (2 days wages) 
and gave them to the inkeeper 
and said, 'Take care of him; 
whatever more you spend, 
I will repay you
when I return.

36 Which of these three
do you think 
proved himself 
a neighbor
 to the man 

who encountered 
the robbers?"

37 He answered, 
"The one who showed 
and mercy
 to him." 

Then Jesus said to him, 
"Go and constantly 
do the same.
John 12:32 Amplified Bible (AMP)
And I, if and when I am lifted 
up from the earth
 [on the cross], 
will draw all people to Myself 
[Gentiles, as well as Jews].”

Ephesians 2:8-10Amplified Bible,
Classic Edition (AMPC)

For it is by free grace
(God’s unmerited favor)
that you are saved
(delivered from judgment 
and made partakers of Christ’s salvation)
through [your] faith.
in what Christ has
And this [salvation]
is not of yourselves
[of your own doing,
it came not through your own striving],
but it is the gift of God;

Not because of works
[not the fulfillment of the Law’s demands],
lest any man should boast.
[It is not the result of what
anyone can possibly do,
so no one can pride himself
in it or take glory to himself.]

10 For we are God’s [own] handiwork
(His workmanship), 
[recreated in Christ Jesus,
[born anew]
that we may do those
good works
which God predestined
(planned beforehand)
for us
[taking paths which He
prepared ahead of time],
that we should walk in them
[living the good life which
He prearranged and
made ready for us to live].

What are the Good Works
prepared for you to do?

Joshua 1:8 [Full Chapter]
Keep this Book of the Law 
always on your lips; 
meditate on it day and night, 
so that you may be careful to 
do everything written in it. 
Then you will be prosperous 
and successful.

Matthew 6:33Amplified Bible,
Classic Edition (AMPC)

33 But seek (aim at and strive after)
first of all His kingdom and His righteousness
(His way of doing and being right),
and then all these things taken together
will be given you besides.

God doesn't mind us having "things".
as long as "things" don't have us

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Proverbs 13:22 
New International Version (NIV)

22 A good person leaves an inheritance 
for their children’s children,

    but a sinner’s wealth 
is stored up for the righteous.

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