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How do we improve Our
Communication skills?

We should not ever
attempt to convince Anyone 
Of course, your question might be…
“Well, how do I become a millionaire, 
so that we can circulate our money
and bless more people
without convincing
people to buy anything?”
Persuade them 
and you won’t have to convince them.
Persuasion and selling 
are the opposite of convincing.
Enter the conversation people are 
already having in their head,
and help them make the decision 
they already desire to make,
and show them how 
your product or service 
solves their problem.
That’s not convincing. 
That IS persuading.
STOP convincing.
Get good at talking to people about 
what they are looking for.
And then show them how what you 
have meets what they’re looking for.
You will find that you will be 
infinitely more persuasive.
And you will no longer feel 
the need to convince people 
to buy from you.

Many networkers think they are not successful
because of the prospects they did not convince.
But that is not true - it's because of the prospects they didn't see.
We don't have to wait for the prospects to come to us. 
We need to continue to make approaches and do presentations.
And Grow through what we Go through

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Don't live your revision
Live your Vision

The best thing you can
Do with Failures of the Past
Is Let them be History,
And Not mess up every
New Day with Yesterday!
We invite you to follow the example of the good smaratian
and be part of the common wealth of God's kingdom
here on earth, as it is in heaven, having compassion 
on fellow citizens, making money while making a 
difference in 
people's lives.

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The pages are numbered and in sequence. 

They are designed to gently persuade 
people to change their thinking
away from working for money 
to have money work for us.

Leadership is not about finding followers
It's about people being attracted to what you have.

If you do not have a Plan,
you can not change your Plan.
God will never change His purpose, 
but he can change his Plans.

Any wealth advisor will advise you

Skills & Attitude

represent the 
3 sides of the fulcrum
which needs to 
be increased to 
be shifted away 
from the center, 
which represents 
self effort alone.

We don't work for money
We work for solutions
People pay us for solutions.

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We want you to be

RICH so you can bless others

God has chosen you to make you a blessing to others

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