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1. You are the only person
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2. If you are not networking,
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Many networkers think they are not
successful because of the prospects
they did not convince.
But that is not true - it's because
of the prospects they didn't see

  We should not ever
attempt to convince Anyone

   Of course, your question might be…
“Well, how do I become a millionaire, 
so that we can circulate our money
and bless more people
without convincing
people to buy anything?”

Persuade them 
and you won’t have
to convince them. 

Persuasion and selling 
are the opposite of convincing. 

Telling is not Selling,
as we are conditioned to believe,
nobody appreciates being told what to do.

and selling are simply
a transference of beliefs, as we share
what we know to be true,
that solves a problem.

We don't have to purchase any
of the products to be paid,
but naturally we will want to use,
what will benefit our health
and share how we have benefited.

  Enter the conversation people are
already having in their head, 
and help them make the decision 
they already desire to make, 
and show them how 
your product or service
solves their problem.

  That’s not convincing.
That IS persuading.

 STOP convincing.

 Get good at talking to people about 
what they are looking for.

 And then show them how what you 
have meets what they’re looking for.

  You will find that you will be 
infinitely more persuasive.
And you will no longer feel 
the need to convince people 
to buy from you.

Click on each individual item below
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order because they want to,
because of the difference
the product makes to their
health and wealth.



For your convenience we have placed a currency
converter below. Remember we will be paid in
USD and we can use our earnings to purchase
products as we need them, not to qualify for
purchases from our referrals down 9 levels.


Currency Converter by OANDA 

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 Join Shop Free Mart! Sign up for free!

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