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The Automatic Bitcoin System

"Auto-Pilot To Making 2343 Bitcoins...For FREE!" 

 Dear Struggling Bitcoin Enthusiast,

 Are you tired of spending most of your time trying to figure out how you can a lot of bitcoins fast  for free without visiting faucets all day?

 Well...Today is your lucky day!

 Today...I am going to reveal a dead simple way for anyone (regardless of expierence) to start generating an amazing amount of bitcoins daily....

  1. Without visiting faucets all day.
  2. Without selling anything.
  3. Without gambling.

 All of this going to be done for you and it's not going to cost you a dime!

How It Works!

 The Automatic Bitcoin System is set-and-forget bitcoin earning system designed to create passive bitcoin generator that virtually runs on auto pilot!

 With my Automatic Bitcoin System, my goal is to help you earn 2343 bitcoins in the next 30 days!

 And the best part is...You are going to start seeing results within the next hour!!

 In this course I am going to help you build an automatic bitcoin system that...

  1. Makes you instant bitcoins daily..on complete auto-pilot!

  2. Generate bitcoins daily...Without you lifting a finger!

  3. Help you make 2343 bitcoins in 30 days or less!


 My system is very simple...Yet very effective.

  1. I am simply going to show an easy way to make a little bitcoins fast for free!

  2. I am then going to show you how to multiply those free bitcoins  into 2343 bitcoins on complete auto-pilot!

 Note: If you follow all the steps in the report...You should receive at least 2343 bitcoins on complete auto-pilot within the next 30 days!


Step 1 - Make $1 Worth Of Bitcoins In Next Few Minutes...For FREE!

 In order to make 2343 bitcoins using the "Automatic Bitcoin System", you first need about $1 in bitcoins!

 If you already have $1 in bitcoins, then you can skip this part of the course.

 If you do not have $1 inbitcoins right now, then I have a solution for you! I am going to show you how to earn $1 bitcoins in the next few minutes for free! Click the link below for step-by-step intructions...

Click Here To Get $1 In FREE Bitcoins

 Note: After claiming your $1 in free bitcoins using the link above, return here and read step 2 below to see how to turn that $1 in bitcoins into 2343 bitcoins for free!

Step 2 - Turn $1.00 Into A Full Time 2343 Bitcoins

 I showed you how to make an easy $1.00 worth of bitcoins on Earnably. Now I am going to show you how to turn that $1 into 2443 bitcoins!


- 2x9Bitmax is a global peer-to-peer donation network (bitcoin matrix) that will allow you to turn .0002 bitcoin (about $.20 USD) into 2337.7203 Bitcoins (about 2,318,595.41 USD)!

 See the chart below to see full compensation plan for 2x9Bitmax!


 Level 1: Cost is 0.0002 BTC.  2 Members will send you 0.0002 BTC payments.

 Level 2: Cost is 0.0003 BTC.  4 Members will send you 0.0003 BTC payments.

 Level 3: Cost is 0.0006 BTC.  8 Members will send you 0.0006 BTC payments.

 Level 4: Cost is 0.003 BTC.  16 Members will send you 0.003 BTC payments.

 Level 5: Cost is 0.02 BTC.  32 Members will send you 0.02 BTC payments.

 Level 6: Cost is 0.10 BTC.  64 Members will send you 0.10 BTC payments.

 Level 7: Cost is 0.25 BTC.  128 Members will send you 0.25 BTC payments.

 Level 8: Cost is 1 BTC.  256 Members will send you 1 BTC payments.

 Level 9: Cost is 4 BTC.  512 Members will send you 4 BTC payments.

 A total matrix earns you 2343 BTC.

Click Here To Join 2x9 Bitmax Now!

 After you have joined 2x9Bitmax you will need to upgrade your account in order to qualify for the 2343 bitcoins. Watch the video below to see how to properly upgrade your account....

Upgrading Tips

 When you joined Earnably and earned enough to cash out...you were paid $1 in bitcoins. It only costs you about $.20 to upgrade in 2x9Bitmax.

 In order to maximize your profits and not miss any of your profits when your referrals upgrade down the levels in 2x9Bitmax, I recommend that you do the following....

  1. Upgrade to level 1 for only .0002 bitcoins ( about $.20 usd). After you level 1 upgrade is verified (this usually takes about 5 minutes), then...
  2. Upgrade to level 2 for only .0003 bitcoins (about $.30 usd). After your level 2 upgrade is verified (this usually takes about 5 minutes), then...
  3. Upgrade to level 3 for only .0006 bitcoins (about $.60 usd).

 In total you will only need to spend  about $1.10 usd and you will be eligible to make about $5 usd (level 3).

 Once you have made enough in profits from level 3, then upgrade to level 4. Repeat this process over and over using your profits from the matrix until you reach level 9. On level 9 you will be eligible to earn 2343.0944 bitcoins.

 In order to earn that 2343 bitcoins from 2x9Bitmax, you will only need to refer 2 people!

 But since you are joining my team and using my "Automatic Bitcoin System" you will not have to recruit any body!

 I am going to build your 2x9Bitmax downline for you for free!

Explode Your Bitcoins Virally For FREE...Without Lifting A Finger!

 As explained earlier....2x9Bitmax is a 2x9 matrix that will turn an intitial .0002 bitcoin ($.20 usd) investment into 2343 bitcoins when you matrix is filled down 9 levels!

 I am going to help you reach level 9 so that you can get the 2343 bitcoins!


 There are 2 ways that I am going to help you build your 2x9Bitmax matrix!

 #1 - Spillover - 29xBitmax uses a 2x9 matrix. This mean I can only personally refer 2 people. All the other people that I refer will spillover to my downline (you) and their downline (your referrals).
 This means whenever clicks on my 2x9Bitmax referral link and joins, they will be assigned to someone in my downline (possibly you) and they will pay you instead of me. This helps everyone on my team to fill their downlines up quickly and therefore helps me to fill my downline up quickly. It's a win-win situation.

 #2 - Free slot in my rotator - When you join 2x9Bitmax using the link on this page, then you will earn a spot on the rotator on this page. You see..The 2x9Bitmax link on this page is a rotator link. When ever you join and send me your referral link for 2x9Bitmax, I will add your link to the rotator! This means you can fill your downline even quicker!

 Note: I am sending thousands of people to this page daily and your 2x9Bitmax referral url will be rotated with all of my other downlines referral url.  Coupled with the fact that you are going to be in my downline...You will be able to fill your downline 9 leves deep to earn the 2343 bitcoins without lifting a finger!

Claim Your FREE Spot In My 2x9Bitmax Rotator!

 In order for me to build your 2x9Bitmax downline for free using the rotator link on this page...I will first need you to send me your 2x9Bitmax referral link.

 Below are instructions on how to find your 2x9Bitmax referral link.

 Step #1 - Login to your 2x9Bitmax account.

 Step #2 - Look to the left side of the page and scroll down the page until you see a link that reads "Marketing Tools" (see screenshot below)


 Click on the link that reads "Marketing Tools" (shown circled in red in the screenshot above).

 This will take you to the page where you can find your referral link for 2x9Bitmax.

 After you copied your referral link for 2x9Bitmax....

 Send your 2x9Bitmax Referral Link it to me at 1000perweekaff@gmail.com. Please use the subject line “2x9Bitmax rotator“.

 After you have emailed me your 2x9Bimax referrlal link, I will add it to my rotator and start to build your 2x9Bitmax downline for free!

 Note: If you follow the intructions on this page correctly, then you should start seeing payments from your 2x9Bitmax downline shortly and hopefully...Earn 2434 bitcoins in the next 30 days!



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