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We are a team of like minded individuals working as one cohesive unit in
order to create the success we all deserve with a vision for the future.
Max Pepin - 1(856)-733-0624 - - Skype: maxpepin1
The world’s most Lucrative, and Fastest paying 2x2 matrix
with instant 100% commissions paid direct member
to member... No more waiting to get paid!
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Here are some primary reasons why the Prosperity Team has chosen Ultimate Cycler as the "wealth vehicle" of choice.
  • Low, affordable entry for everyone.... only $25!
  • Earn 100% commissions.
  • Payments are direct member to member (instant payments).
  • No admin fee to join.
  • Break even with one who finds one.
  • Support of a 14 year old company rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau.
  • Strong leadership and world class support.
  • No waiting to cycle to get paid.
  • Team spillover, follow your sponsor, and vertical acceleration for fast cycling.
  • No products to inventory.
  • REAL products and services valued at over $1,300.
  • Upgrade to earning $25$50$100$200$400, and $800 commissions.
  • Lead Generator software (retails online for $195).
  • Notified by email, TXT and/or phone when you are due to be paid and cycle!
  • Free lead Capture page with state-of-the-art contact manager.
  • Free Autoresponder with prewritten follow up letters.
  • Optional live-chat closer on your site to close your sales for you. 
  • Internal credit-based banner ad system to showcase whatever you want 
  • Integrated advertising system.
  • Custom referral tracking system.
  • Many marketing tools available in the back office to market any program.
  • Go viral with Viral Inviter.
  • Free webinars and daily conference calls to invite your prospects to.
  • Free website to promote.
  • Site is in multiple languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Russian) 
  • Full Training and Support.