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Introducing Zebit: an online marketplace with millions of the best name brand products, offered at competitive prices.
But with Zebit, you can buy what you need and pay over time, with no interest. That’s right.
Shopping with Zebit is easy. Once you’ve picked a product, you simply pay a portion upfront and the remaining balance over time.
For example: you need a new laptop for the job. You find one on Zebit listed for $500.
You might not have $500, but that’s okay—Zebit’s got your back.
You pay $100 out the door, and the rest over time, with no interest.

So what’s the catch? There’s no catch. Unlike other financing options that charge penalties and fees or increase interest rates over time,
Zebit doesn’t believe in financing gotchas or bait and switch tactics. Zebit believes that everyone deserves access to lifelong, interest-free financing.
Zebit is constantly striving to improve their offering to become the most powerful financial brand in your wallet.

The best deals don’t have to come with stress, a catch, or a costly interest rate.
Zebit puts the consumer first by giving them the best out-the-door prices for expensive, brand name products and allowing them to pay the rest over time.
Truly, when you’re searching for the product you need, the Zebit marketplace is the spot to shop. So skip the lines, the parking lots, the mailboxes stuffed to the brim with discouraging credit card bills, and liberate your financial future by signing up to shop with Zebit.


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Zebit Market has over 30,000 products including electronics, appliance, furniture, kids gear, e-certificates to your favorite stores. Brands include Apple, Samsung, Frigidaire, GE, Michael Kors, and more!

We donated only $10 and signed up and received our free account (after being approved for up to $2,500 credit- NO credit checks, just a military service check!) and looked around the site.
I seen so many things we could use like a new laptop, a fridge, even some lawn and garden items. But this beautiful  LG Easy Clean 30″ Self Cleaning Gas Oven caught my eye.
I was debating between this one and a Samsung, but after the long comparing, reading, youtubing session, we decided the LG was best for our needs. 

One thing that caught my eye about Zebit besides having no fees or interest. It was the price. This stove was very decently priced at $974. That price included all the extras like the gas line, electric cord and white glove delivery. (White glove means delivered, installed and removal of old appliance, if applicable.)

That price is then divided into 12 payments (2 each month, when your military pay hits, or once a month for retired). This means your item is paid off in 6 months. 

That’s right, $974 divided by 12 payments with zero interest and zero fees. No hidden costs, no hidden anything. Your credit/debit card is automatically debited each month of the designated date(s). 


I know you are probably still thinking this is too good to be true. How in the world can Zebit do this and make money. I swear I thought the same thing.
I’ve seen the “military loans” with 29% interest or those crazy fees to extend payments. It can get you into a tight spot and bring you down financially.
Zebit isn’t like that. It’s really a zero interest, zero fee program.
Personally I feel like their prices are very fair, but I’ll explain that Zebit is comparable to a drop ship company.
Example; they are selling a stove for $900, you pay the price, but they might pay $600 for it and profit the $300. Most of america, including the grocery store, mark up the prices 40% too.
It’s basically the same thing here. They still make their money but without taking you and your family for all you have. 
I am thrilled with my purchase and I hope you’re able to find something you can use too.

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