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System Features

Generic Capture Pages

In todays world people are more and more savvy with the Internet and doing business online. Most people know to "shop" around for a sponsor when it comes to joining a network marketing company. So if you send them to your company website they can very easily go to Google or YouTube and find another sponsor that appears to have things going. With a generic page you are peaking their curiosity to fill out the form, which you get in your lead manager and now you can email them or call them. This gives you the opportunity to meet and greet them and build that relationship which is fundamental to success.

Having a generic page also does not allow them to pre-judge your product or opportunity.

Ease Of Use

Lead Capture Page Boss System FeaturesThe system is straightforward and has many tutorial videos that can have you set up and reaching new prospects in less than 10 minutes. The system then works with a minimum amount of your time. You should be connecting with prospects making sales and leave the technology to us. 

Wide Variety Of Capture Pages

We realize that you most likely have more than one revenue stream. With you in mind we have created and are creating a number of capture pages on a weekly basis.  Our generic and company or industry specific capture and landing pages (pages that don't require a form to be filled out) are designed for maximum conversion rates. Our marketing department, web development and graphics work synergistically to create pages that get results.

You are able to market as many companies as you want out of the one membership with Lead Capture Page Boss. To see a variety of the capture pages that we offer as part of our system click here.

Duplicate Any Capture Page

If you have more than one product, service or opportunity that you want to advertise with the same page you can duplicate that page as many times as you want. This is a powerful feature that is so easy to use. 

Lead Management

There is a lead group for each capture page so you can keep your leads separate for broadcasting updates. You have the ability to transfer leads from one group to another group easily. Export all of your lead data to your computer to be printed if needed or loaded into an automated caller.

Easily add leads to a new calendar appointment, view specific lead activity and contact a single lead or many at once.


Studies have proven that a person needs to receive a specific call to action (CTA) in an email on an average of 5 times before the prospect takes action. Our professionally written ad copy is proven to get conversions. At the same time you can create your own campaigns including the email, when it mails out on an automated schedule.

Text Notifications

Receive a text notification the instant someone fills out your capture form. This is extremely important due to the nature of emotional buying. You want to reach the prospect when they are engaged with the website and/or videos.

Statistical/Analytical Tracking

Gather visitor data by day, month, campaign as well as email opens and clicks so you can determine your click thru rate (CTR).


Set up an unlimited number of campaigns for tracking to maximize your marketing and decrease costs. The code is embedded in your html form that you can put on any website. Does more traffic come to your site from Twitter or Facebook? You can know the answer with this exciting campaign system.

Contact Management Calendar

"The fortune is in the follow up" is a well-known phrase in sales and although the auto-responders are designed to follow up for you, many times picking up the phone to speak with certain individuals is important.

HTML Form Code

Do you have access to other blogs and websites and want to put your form on them to capture more prospects? With the form html code you can easily copy and paste the code.


Will you need to send an email to a lead group to let them know about a special company announcement? Our broadcasting makes that possible. Do you have an email that you plan on sending on a regular basis but not on a schedule? You can have email templates set up for that purpose.

System Scalability

If you need something that the system does not offer we have programmers that create customized systems for clients. Do you want a capture page installed just for you? Do you need a video produced? Contact us and we will meet your needs.

Training Materials

Because we service many network marketing companies we have incorporated into our system the foundational elements that are necessary for success. An 8-step program to getting ready, phone scripts, memory jogger, email marketing, setting up a Facebook, YouTube and Twitter account.  The content is updated regularly providing new insights into successful marketing online.

Affiliate Program Earns 50% Commissions

We know from experience the good feeling of making some money from referring a service to another person. We have made it so that when you refer the Lead Capture Page Boss system to two people your membership is free. Your third referral and each one thereafter will pay you $10 a month.

Our 2-Step Capture Page Plan

There are capture pages that direct the prospect directly to your opportunity as soon as they fill out the form but there is a better way and is what we use on most of our system pages. When a prospect fills out the form on your capture page they are redirected to a second page with an instructional video telling them to check their email an email with the confirmation link in it. 

On this second page they also see your contact information and there is a button to go to the product, service or opportunity that you are offering them. This method has proven to produce better conversion rates and is implemented on all our future capture pages. We do allow you to bypass our 2 page system if you want to and direct the prospect to any webpage that you want.

System Scalability

We do invite clients to make suggestions on capture pages that we should add to our arsenal for everyone to use. We may not act on all the suggestions that we receive but do create a number of them. If we decide not to create the page that is suggested we do offer paid services to create pages for clients. There are very few limits to our services. We have a team of designers, programmers, developers and marketers that make our company and systems a success. 

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